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Leo Brouwer
Composer, conductor, guitarist and musicologist Leo Brouwer is an honourable member of UNESCO, together with people like Stern, Penderecki, Menuhin and Shankar. Probably there has been nobody with greater significance for the guitar and its repertoire in the post-Segovia era. In fact his name, especially amongst guitarists, needs no further introduction.

The International Guitar Festival Zwolle is honoured with this Cuban maestro as a member of our Committee of Recommendation. In 2009 Leo Brouwer directed the Dutch premiere of his Concerto de Toronto at the 41st edition of the International Guitar Festival Zwolle

Neil Wallace
As Program Director at De Doelen in Rotterdam and Artistic Director of the International Choral Biennale Haarlem, Neil Wallace is responsible for a huge number of exceptional productions.
Like no other he knows how to stay linked to the audience and he has great instinct for creativity and originality.

Alvaro Pierri
One of the most impressive exponents of today’s guitarists, and at the same time so much more than just a guitarist. Alvaro Pierri is one of the most refined musicians of our time, with his enormous feeling for timing and musicality. Many times he was a guest of ours at the International Guitar Festival Zwolle, giving concerts and master classes. That, and him being part of this committee, makes us feel very privileged.

Chiel Meijering
Seen as one of the Netherland’s foremost guitar composers. He wrote compositions commissioned by many soloists and ensembles of fame. His compositions show his unique voice, where strong dynamics, a mix of styles and swiftly changing rhythms are the main ingredients.
In 2008 Chiel Meijering wrote one of the closing compositions for the production “I banned the colour green”, a production where visual arts and new compositions alternate in a Suite. The title of his composition, a quote by Piet Mondriaan, became the title of the complete production.
Leo Brouwer, 2009 - Concerto de Toronto - soloist: Florian Moritz
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