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slash_darkAniello Desiderio & Gennaro Desiderio


Portrait of a master (part II)

In this concert, Aniello Desiderio will perform in a combination with another virtuose; his own brother and violinist Gennaro Desiderio. He and Aniello are a duo since the year 2000, and since then they performed throughout all the world. Together, they made a CD with works of legend of the tango, Astor Piazzolla.

Saturday October 26 2013*
Portrait of a master; Aniello Desiderio in duo with Genarro Desiderio

Location to be announced
21:00 / €23,- (combi concert with Quartetto Furioso)

Gennaro Desiderio
Born in Napels (1974), Gennaro comes from a musical family. Both mimself as well as his two brothers, Aniello (guitar) and Gaetano (piano), are distinguished performers. After his studies at the San Pietro a Maiella Acedemy of music, Gennaro develloped a wide range of musical styles, varying from classical to jazz and popular music. He cooperated with artists like Amy Stewart, Riccarco Cocciante, Milva and Lina Sastri. As a soloist, he performed with the DIMI Orchestra conducted by Beppe Vessicchio, the New Jazz Ensemble of Valerio Virzo and with I Virtuosi di Napoli. With the last one, Gennaro made his debute in the Lincoln Center in New York.

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